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TrueCafe. Internet cafe software

Friendly cyber cafe software with a complete set of features for cyber cafe management: wi-fi billing, thin clients
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26 March 2014

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This is a software tool to manage a Internet cafe business.

This tool will let you manage an Internet cafe. The cafe facilities may include desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi laptops. Thin clients, diskless systems, games consoles, etc. also are supported. It is possible to lock the client screens and unlock them as somebody hires time on it. Server screens can be locked and unlocked too. Wi-Fi billing feature lets you charge customers as they use the access point to browse the net through a Wi-Fi laptop, smartphone or other mobile devices. The login and password that allows entry to the system are managed through the tool. Thin clients from NComputing, Terminal Server, etc. are supported. NComputing (L130, L230, X300), Windows Terminal Server, Elusiva, Sunde, etc. are the ones supported on the Internet cafe tool. You will also be able to create, print and sell prepaid tickets.

These can be distributed among your agents and/or employees. Ticket status could be tracked. The status could have values such as if created, printed, sold already, if in use, utilized or deleted. Print jobs carried out by customers could be monitored automatically and they can be charged appropriately. Color and B&W printing jobs could be charged separately. Point of sale management features includes keeping track of walk-ins and member sales. Inventory can be managed. Receipts can be printed with your company logo. Cyber cafe terminals can be locked and login control is managed. Customer session time/money left after login is displayed. It would be possible for your customer order snacks, drinks, etc. from their seats. Power management, license key management, Internet traffic and URL log, and reports over the web are features available. This is a very good product.

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Friendly cyber cafe software with a complete set of features for cyber cafe management: wi-fi billing, thin clients support (NComputing, Windows Terminal Server), tickets, license keys, pre-paid and post-paid sessions, point-of-sale, a terminal protection, print charging, URL log and traffic calcuation, reports, etc. Charge the customers of your cafe, club, shop, hotel, etc. when they use your Wi-Fi hotspot from their Wi-Fi laptops. Cut down your game licensing expenses using the license key (CD-key) management system. Automatically charge your customers for monochrome and colour printing. Organize a chat between operator and customers. Browse a terminal screenshot, task manager and volume control. Sell items to walk-in customers. Make your unique receipt design. Use TrueCafe Client software to lock cyber cafe terminals and display customer session info. Remotely turn on, shutdown or restart terminals, start or terminate any application on a terminal, configure a list of applications that a user can start. Allow a customer to order items from a terminal. Setup any imaginable pricing model. Analyze your business data using TrueCafe Reports. Secure your data and actions providing your customers and employees with different security roles. Easily backup your database and configuration files manually or automatically. Use TrueCafe on Windows Terminal Server or NComputing Server. Calculate Internet traffic for a customer session. Keep track of the Internet websites and pages a customer opens on your cyber cafe terminal.
TrueCafe. Internet cafe software
TrueCafe. Internet cafe software
Version 6.1
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